How to pay using WesternUnion Money Transfer or, MoneyGram?

WesternUnion Money Transfer can be used if you are unable to pay us thorugh other online payment gateways. Go to your nearest WesternUnion supported Bank or, Agent and send money to us, using the following information :

First Name : Marlon

Last Name : Dionglay

City : Noveleta Cavite


Country : Philippines

Phone : 880 171 9100395

Your Bank or, WesternUnion Agent will provide you MTCN code to transfer the money. You need to send us the "10 digit MTCN code" and your "Full Name" to with the package order number. Include the scan copy of payment receipt which you get from your WesternUnion supported Bank or, Agent. So that we can track the order more easily.

Account will be activated only after realization of payment and may take upto 2-4hrs.



You can find your nearest Western Union Branch from their website and check through this website : 

We also accept MoneyGram transfer. You can send us the payment using MoneyGram using above information.

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